Farrux Shamuratov: “aim to easiness, to the creative, non standard”

01.07.2013 в Experts Opinion

Farrux Shamuratov international level master, stylist, makeup artist, trainer, author of the project, a multiple champion and winner of more than 100 international competitions and championships.

Our job is not easy, we should not only learn how to make good elements, but also learn to listen to the customer ,to select the image, to know the style. In our profession, you can always tinker, you can always do something unusual, innovative.
As everyone knows, the elements and forms of hair have already been invented long time ago.
In this work, there are elements which are using in competitive direction.
I think it is always useful to take part in competitions, it develops creativity. During seminars, we always teach our masters to think and to create non standard, uniquely and dissimilar. Therefore, we invite you to our seminars!

In our profession, there is always something to strive for. And it’s creativity in its purest form, especially in creation of hairstyle.

In my opinion, the master is not quite skillfully performing the elements. The bang is not made clear. You must always remember the picture and harmoniously finish the line.
However, it is obvious that master is trying very hard, and when a person tries, he can do anything! It can be seen that t she has studied the hairstyle, shape, resistant, and very diligent.

I believe that it is always necessary to look at the shape … Whether the hairstyle form fits the client. Mode girl l is interesting but I would make a form a bit bigger on her crown and slightly lowered from the bottom, would do more explicit form and add a feeling of lightness. To do hairstyle easy is not easy, but you should always strive for it. You should process it so that the smooth, volume hair looks easy.
Dear colleagues, aim to easiness, to the creative, non standard!

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